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Parktron Technology won the 2018 System Integration Output Award

Award Record

Over the years, Taiwan has had many successful applications in smart transportation, smart medical care, smart buildings, smart campuses and smart energy conservation. If these cases can be exported overseas, it will not only benefit the well-being of the people of other countries, but also Taiwan's economy and industry have brought positive benefits, and the establishment of the [System Integration Output Award] encourages industry players to replicate Taiwan's successful smart city application cases overseas.

System Integration Award 2018

The Taiwanese have been exporting successful smart solution for years, in the fields of smart transportation, smart healthcare, building management system, smart grid and smart education. These cases have brought improved quality of life to the local citizens as well as boosted Taiwanese economy. The System Integration Award is then set to recognized these outstanding cases and corporates and encouraged them to continue on their good work and others to follow the example.

In the transection of ICT industry within the Island, the Award serves its goal to facilitate the industry their capacities to export with higher value-added integrated system. Ultimately, fulfil the vision of Taiwan becoming “the supply center of Smart City solutions”.

“City Walk Mall & Residence Intelligent Parking System” by Parktron has won the 2018 System Integration Award, Award ceremony will be held during 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo event on 27th ~30th Mar., 2018.



- City Walk Mall & Residence Intelligent Car Parking project -






- Parking System Wiring Block Diagram -