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New Cadastral Transcript Kiosk Launched in Taipei City Today


Taipei City 's Department of Land Administration launched a Self-Service Cadastral transcript kiosk today. This state-of-the-art kiosk was developed by Parktron Technology Co., Ltd. in partnership with Chunghwa Telecom and SecureInside to expedite the process of obtaining cadastral transcripts, while allowing counter staff to focus on services that require consultation.

According to data from Taipei City Government, over 440,000 people applied for a cadastral transcript each year. Although it only takes 5 minutes for a counter staff to process the application for the document, the average wait time is over 30 minutes. With this self-service kiosk, you can obtain the same specifications as the counter application including the official Taipei Land Administration seal and 
it only takes 2 minutes to complete. It is the first "Automatic Cadastral Transcript Kiosk" in the country with 
In addition to the friendly UI and antibacterial surface finish, the kiosk is integrated with the Chunghwa Telecom multipay platform. All these features provide a user-friendly environment when operating the kiosk.


To find out more, please visit Parktron’s website at or contact Parktron’s sales department at for more information.



Self-Service Cadastral Transcription Kiosk



Taipei Mayor Mr. Ko Wen-Je participated the press conference for the launch of Kiosk



 Demonstration of the Kiosk



Press conference