Parking Everywhere With Parktron

Product description

Product description

ICDV211 Mifare Desktop Validator

supported a discounting device at shopping mall cashier counters to apply a pre-programmed discount to a Mifare parking card.

License plate recognition camera unit

With the latest algorithm recognition engine, platform, and hardware, making it more suitable for parking environments!

eTag UHF long range reader

The UHF reader is an ISO18000-C class 1 Gen 2 long-distance card reader. The UHF has a read range of up to 10 meters and a wide frequency band (860 to 960 MHz).

License plate recognition status LED display

The device is connected to the license plate recognition system at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. When the vehicle enters and exits, it can display the license plate number or the entry and exit message. The current time can be displayed in the normal state.

Entry exit terminal box

It is installed in the entrance and exit lane of the parking lot. When the vehicle press loop in front of the entrance and exit terminal box, the barrier will be automatically opened while detecting the vehicle license plate by the license plate recognition system.

Discount handheld machine

It can be used as discount validator at service center or serve as a mobile handheld around the parking lot.

Discount System (Standard Edition)

After installing the discount software and connecting to the IPMS2000 central management system, you can select the discount items from option list.

Hotel parking management system

Connected to the hotel parking management system, you can add new car information directly at the front desk, including the room number, car number and starting time.

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