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Automatic-Payment Kiosk for Hospital Receive the 2021 Taiwan Exc

Award Record

Parktron Technology is proud to receive the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award for our Automatic-Payment Kiosk for Hospital.

The innovative features of the Automatic-Payment Kiosk for Hospital are as follows:

  1. Cash reuse capability significantly reduces on-site cash replenishment and maintenance time.
  2. Patented automatic checkout system allows the payment Kiosk to operate 24 hours a day.
  3. The innovatively developed automatic cash register can store daily income in its banknote and coin compartment thus considerably shortening the procedures of daily income calculation, collection and cash replenishment.
  4. Multiple payment integration can support a variety of cash, credit card, ticket, and mobile payments and greatly improve payment processing time.
  5. User friendly interface design, large and easy-to-read touch panel along with voice prompt can guide users to complete the operation quickly.
  6. User-friendly design for the handicap which allows collecting change without bending down. Convenient foldable trays and hooks help users to access the Kiosk freely.


Faced with an aging population and a shortage of laborers in recent years, Parktron Technology has been involved in the field of automatic payment for 20 years and is developing a new generation of hospital self-service Kiosk this year. At the beginning of the design is the concept of intimate interaction technology, and the development is aimed to increase people's willingness to use the device which creates a win-win situation for users, management and operators. 


Parktron Technology focuses on usability, from the user-friendly UI to the kiosk cabinet design for people with limited mobility that allows convenient access for all.


For the hospital administration, collecting hospital fees is time consuming for both the clerks and patients. Parktron Technology’s patented technology reduces time-consuming checkout by more than 60%, allowing hospital administration personnel to spend more time on consultation with patients rather than spending time managing fee collection.


For kiosk maintenance personnel, high operability design reduces the need for frequent maintenance. Full-time operation is not bogged down while maintenance is simple and easy. In addition, the modular design significantly reduces overall maintenance time, even if some expendable components require replacement over time.


The new generation of hospital self-service payment kiosks is not only a simple payment system, but also simplifies the process to make smart payment, which greatly reduces hospital fee collection and operating costs.


For more information, welcome to visit our counter at M1433 during the 12/3-6 International Medical Exhibition.