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New Kiosk of Cadastral Transcription in Taipei City Government l


Department of Land Administration, Taipei City Government launched Self-Service Cadastral Transcription Kiosk today. This cutting edge kiosk is developed by Parktron Technology Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Chunghwa Telecom and SecureInside, to help people not queuing for a long time only for Cadastral Transcription.

The kiosk provides exactly the same format as the original copy from the clerks. This service enables clerks to have more time on answering FAQ for the public and increases the satisfaction.


According to the data from Taipei City Government, over 440,000 people need to apply for such document yearly. Even though only 5 minutes taken by the clerks to have the document ready, it takes over 30 minutes for people to wait in line. With this self- service kiosk, getting the document only takes 2 minutes and no break time limits.


Except friendly UI and anti-bacterial panel, the kiosk is integrated with Chunghwa Telecom multiple cashless payment platform. All these features make users feel at ease when operating the kiosk.


To find out more, please visit Parktron’s website at or contact Parktron’s sales department at for more information.




Kiosk of Cadastral Transcription