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Hospital Self-service Kiosk joins PHARMEDI VIETNAM 2021 Show


Parktron Technology is honored to be invited by Taiwan Excellence to join the virtual show of PHARMEDI VIETNAM 2021. It is the first time of Parktron to participate Taiwan Excellence Pavilion after its long-term cultivation.

Parktron Technology has involved in automatic payment field for 20 years. The Company was aware of the pressure of aging population increase and shortage of labor force, it launched new Hospital Self-service Kiosk in 2020 which largely reduces checkout queueing up lines and saves patients’ time, as well as provides 24-hour continuously cashier service for emergency room. It awarded the 29th Taiwan Excellence Prize soon after.


The innovative features of this Automatic-Payment Kiosk for Hospital (IPS2000) are introduced from three perspectives:

User Friendly – The core design of this kiosk is focusing on the usability and friendly user interface, just like Parktron’s always philosophy – think from users. Large and easy-to-read touch panel along with voice guidance help people to complete the transaction quickly. Change cabinet is in right height and let payers collect change without bending down too much. It is also suitable for handicapped use. In addition, adjustable platform and side hooks are convenient for people to leave their belongings and operate the Kiosk freely. Voice and LED-lighting guiding UI as well as high readability touch-screen display are also the advantages to promote users’ satisfaction while doing payment.


Multiple Payments – This kiosk accepts different denominations of cash, credit cards, E -wallet and mobile payment (APP) etc. which allow various types of payments from lots of countries. With strong ability of integrating certain payment way from local market, Parktron greatly solves local demand from public and saves payment processing time and manpower.


Easy Operation – From traditional view of hospital administration, accounting checkout in every single day is an inevitable heavy-burden job. It takes a lot of time and energy to handle. By means of Parktron’s patented technology, the system can smartly manage banknote and coin recycling of each denomination, optimize the cashflow, reduce the frequency of recycling cash replenishment, and finally reach time and manpower saving. It effectively lets administration authority focus more time on other jobs rather than routinely collecting payments day by day. In addition, Parktron’s modular design makes the maintenance of kiosk become simple and easy. Now the new Hospital Self-service Payment Kiosk is not only a simply payment machine, but also solves the public queueing up time and operation cost for hospitals.


Parktron is an automation solution provider and system integrator company. Relying on its in-house professional R/D and engineering team, leading metal sheet precise fabrication and kiosk assembly lines, Parktron has been the pioneer in the intelligent kiosk industry.


Please come and visit us on virtual digital PHARMEDI VIETNAM SHOW 2021 during 15 September – 15 October! You are very welcome to chat or make an appointment via Meetup function, or finding more information from our website at