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About Parktron

About Parktron

Innovation, Progress and Customer Satisfaction are our goals

Since its inception in 2001, Parktron has focused on building a comprehensive and scalable Intelligent Parking Management System - IPMS2000 to address the ever-growing traffic flow and parking shortage in the world. By using cutting-edge technologies (e.g. IoT, Cloud, LPR, QR code, Mobile Payment...) along with our extended ICT integration experience, Parktron parking system has been successfully installed in airports, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, building complexes, campus parking lots, public parking lots and franchised automated (unmanned) parking lots in Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Latin America.


While labor costs continue to rise, the demand for automatic payment kiosk increases every year. With Parktron's 20 years’ experience in systems integration of payment processing, hardware/software integration of cash and coin collection, mobile payment and QR code scanning, we are pleased to offer our diverse turnkey kiosk solutions for smart retail, gas stations, hospitals and schools, while working with local systems integration service providers to deliver smart and efficient vending systems to local market customers.

Business Philosophy

Based on honesty, responsibility, innovation and quality, we provide top quality products and services to our customers and embrace our corporate social responsibility.

We believe that by working with our customers and partners; in the spirit of mutuality, we can create maximum value for all.



Stay innovative! Improve lives with technology! Be a leader in the self-service device industry!

Reference projects 

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Professional manufacturing

Parktron's team has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing parking kiosks, including in-house mechanical design, welding, assembly, testing and a strict quality assurance system to meet a wide range of project requirements. We are proud to be the leading parking and payment kiosk solution provider in Taiwan.


Taipei HQ / Taichung Factory - space 4,244 ㎡ (factory 1 + factory 2):

Main production facility :